Friday, March 13, 2015

Zombie Baby Apocalypse

She dragged her legs grotesquely behind her body as she approached, hungry for brains but never able to get more than an ankle tendon or a toe. "Ba ba baaa," she croaked,  unable to articulate the thirst for blood that consumed her mind. She had already forgotten life before she became a zombie, but, in truth, it did not differ from this new existence in any significant way. In life, she couldn't crawl or talk either. When you think about it, babies have a lot in common with the undead, so the transition was somewhat kinder to her than to the adults in her life. Finally, after much awkward scooching, the zombie baby had maneuvered herself into biting position. She eyed the fleshy human heart that lay stained and soggy on the carpet before her. She opened her maw wide and clamped her gums around it only to let out a cry of discontent - BEETS! Zombie baby, thwarted again by a vegetable, rolled over and sucked her own zombie toes in disbelief.


  1. HA!!! This was a riot! And the picture supported the text so beautifully! Thanks for a fun laugh.

  2. How adorable is she?! I can hear joy and jokes and laughter in your description. I bet you and Paul are having such fun with that zombie baby!

  3. Too funny! Let's wait until middle school and see if they choose to continue this biographical writing themselves. ;)